Our Crushworthy Year

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Happy New Year to all our crushworthymoms!   The start of the year is always exciting because you get to make a fresh start.  A NEW YEAR, NEW RESOLUTIONS, AND A NEW YOU!

This goes for websites too.  Alot of people ask us, what makes someone considered to be crushworthyWhat is your site about?  What makes you so crushworthy???  The last one kinda hurts a little (isnt’t it obvious;))but we are dedicated in the pursuit of crushworthiness.  And that is why each week we will pick a topic that we find to be important for one to be a crushworthymom and we will dedicate ourselves to it.  We will live it people. Karina and I will try and become our most crushworthy selves and hope you will come a long on this journey with us.  Just think how crushworthy we will be by next year if we tackle one goal per week!  52 extra ways to be crushworthy!

We will also continue to feature things that we currently crush on.  Like if we see a girl with a fabulous coat on, we will take her picture even if the only reason she says yes is because she is afraid that we are scary stalkers.  If we are obsessed with a pair of boots we will not only feature them but give you different options, we are just that crushworthy.

Karina and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to meet and connect with each of our fabulous featured crushworthymoms and we are inspired with their warmth, support, and how they live their life with such passion for what they are pursuing.  We will continue to seek out those moms who inspire us and build our crushworthymom community.  Because that is our ultimate reason for starting this site, to feel connected with our life and the people in it.

(Hint) Connections is our first topic!  Making connections and keeping them going in your life.

Thank you for taking this journey with us and for your support.

xx, alison and karina

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