Haley Fox

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Haley Fox

Owner of Alice’s Tea Cup, a whimsical tea room and restaurant with three locations in New York City.

Haley and her sister, Lauren, turned their favorite childhood ritual of drinking tea with their father into a successful and magical business. Now that is the ultimate crushworthy tale. If you have not been to Alice’s Tea Cup, you simply must go.


Crushworthy Makeup Bag: LOTS OF

LOTION! I alternate brands all the time but it is important to moisturize! And rosebud salve for the lips

Crushworthy Uniform. If you had to pick FIVE staples of your wardrobe, what would they be? JEANS! Slip on converse. A comfy tee. My black heeled boots. Basic black dress

Crushworthy Night Out: Seeing theatre. I go whenever I can. I tell everyone I know that the only reason to pay the rent in NY is if you use the city for its culture! Theatre is my go to for culture and entertainment.

Crushworthy Indulgence or Guilty Pleasure: An excellent baked good, be it Macarons from Maison de Macaron or one of the scones from Alice’s. Lunch with friends. Often.

Crushworthy Music: Old standards. Ella and Louie. 50’s and 60’s tunes – can’t get enough. Love to put on some hip hop and not explain the words to the kids…

Crushworthy Book: Trying to finish GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO before seeing the movie, but, GOD, I’m having trouble! Haven’t read such an interesting, non-parenting book in a while! But my fave book of all time remains “End of the Affair.

Crushworthy Cocktail: bourbon on ice. I’m new to it, actually, but find that I love it. I used to drink sweet drinks like cosmos or salty drinks like dirty martinis. Now it is red wine or bourbon on ice.

Crushworthy Motto: ACT AS IF. Sometimes if you simply act as if, it becomes a reality.

Crushworthy Lesson. What is a lesson you want your kids to learn from you? To keep trying. To fight for what you believe in. To make the world a better place one person at a time. Be what you want others to be and you can’t go wrong.

Name your favorite Crushworthy moms and the reasons you find them to be so inspiring: My girlfriends all inspire me for different reasons: maria, betsy, ann, Rachel… they all work tirelessly and fiercely and raise amazing kids. If I had to name a celeb, it would be Angelina Jolie. I know, stereotypical but true. She embodies strength and grace to me.

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