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Being a crushworthymom like myself, sometimes it is easier for me to have the boys hair cut at home. We love Paul and the boys feel super cool with their haircuts as you can tell. Just makes life a bit easier and there is nothing more crushworthy than that!

If you live in New York City (and if you don’t you should), email Paul and arrange for a haircut at home.  Mention Crushworthymoms and get a Deal!!  xx

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  1. Reply Carolyn says:

    I agree, my children received far too many bad haircuts at the barber shop. I got yelled at and insulted by my Mom and Sister. They told my not to be cheap, take them to get a decent haircut. Don’t hack their hair at home, but I didn’t, it was by the “pros”. So at the beginning of the summer I bought a good set of wahl clippers and watched a lot of Youtube videos. It seems the “pros” were doing all the things the DIY hair stylists said to avoid. I’ve saved over $300 since then on trips to the barber and the haircuts are better than any I paid for. My cousin bought the family a set of clippers, scissors and cape for Christmas. She asked me what she needed. So over the next week, my cousin asked me to help her with her first home haircuts. I toild her to go slow first, leave more hair on their heads, it is Winter time. It also leaves room to fix mistakes. Her boys are still quite young and her daughter has medium length hair to her shoulders. So wish her well and grant me the patience to be a good teacher :)

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