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Lulu deKwiatkowski is the founder and designer of Lulu DK.  Lulu DK designs are sought after and instantly recognizable for their bold use of color and playful designs.   
Lulu is a true artist and is always open to new experiences and pursuits.  Lulu shares her love of life and appreciation of its beauty and all its possibilities on her blog Trail of Inspiration.  

In 2008, Ammo Books published LULU, a collection of Lulu de Kwiatkowski’s vividly colorful collages. Inspired by a lifetime of travel and her whimsical upbringing, the exuberant collages received praise from Vogue, W, Metropolitan Home, and others.   

We are so crushing on everything LULU:  her creativity, passion for life, and her laid back beauty!!! xx

Lulu’s Crushworthy Secrets:

Crushworthy Makeup Bag: I was introduced to Porthault from my mother (who was obsessed by their amazingly beautiful and elegant prints…Every time I run my cosmetic bag to its last string I love going to Parthault to pick a new beautiful print. I have taken pride and joy in this act since I was about 10 years old.

Crushworthy Hair Secrets: I take hydrogen peroxide and run it through my hair before going into the gives me the perfect sun-bleached beach hair. (only need a VERY little and only do if your hair is light.)

Crushworthy Routines:  Green juice with apple and ginger and your skin will sparkle. (*Crushworthymom all-star)

Crushworthy Uniform: My white silk embroidered Indian shirts that I wear always. My fabulously messed-up straw hat. Always blue jeans and gold sandles, My “M” and “F” initial necklaces my husband custom made for the birth of our twins.

Crushworthy Night Out:  A few sunset cocktails with friends and in bed by 9.

Crushworthy Book: I couldn’t get enough of the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy (like everyone else in the World)…A great other book about family and children is The Competent Child.

Crushworthy Cocktail: Prisoner Red Wine

Crushworthy Motto: don’t take everything so seriously…live, love, shine and give back.

Crushworthy Lesson:  To appreciate and be grateful for the beauties (and struggles) of life.

Name your favorite Crushworthy moms and the reasons you find them to be so inspiring: My 3 sisters…they all have a ton of children and have been huge inspiration’s, role models and educators to me in my life and me in raising my own children.












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