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Elsina Mensah is the Founder, Art & Editorial Director of Fashion Blog Love, a vibrant community of fashion bloggers who come together to discover fashion and support one another.

FashionBlogLove.com introduces blogs that you might not have known about and features the chicest blog post and blogger outfits for inspiration. We appreciate that Elsina started this community of bloggers that gives such support and encouragement to those just starting out and LOVE that she did it while being a MOM.

Crushworthy Questions:

How did you start Fashion Blog Love?

I started Fashion Blog Love by accident really, back in July 2011. I had no pre-plans to start such a site, but whilst browsing an aggregated site for takeaways, I thought to myself, how cool would it be if there was a website that housed a range of fashion blog posts from various fashion bloggers? Within this initial thought, a real need underpinned it; the reality of trying to keep up with a whole host of blogs was near enough impossible.

Sites like Bloglovin are great for keeping you up-to-date with sites you already know, but I wanted to introduce smaller, newer and less known bloggers to other bloggers and fashionistas alike.

So as with all my new business ideas, I hit the ground running. Within 24 hours from thinking up the concept, I had thought of a name, designed a logo, purchased the .com and put up a holding page! And the rest is history really.

Crushworthy Makeup  and Hair Secrets:

I turn 30 this year, and only started wearing make-up just under 3 years ago! From a young age, I vowed that I’d never wear make-up as I always viewed it to be synonymous with insecurity, as opposed to make-up enhancing beauty. But then as I grew older, I realized that it didn’t hurt to put a little lippy and foundation on, just to even everything out.

Currently, I am happy leaving my house with just a spot of lightly applied dark red lipstick.

When it comes to my hair, however, I will rarely leave the house unless my hair is perfect. I feel my prettiest when I’ve just washed my face and pinned my hair up .

 Crushworthy Tips and Tricks:

My only “trick” is to stay humble and appreciate your surroundings and circumstances in life. In turn, this will keep you happy and full of life! You’re situation may not be ideal, but I guarantee you that someone has it worse, much worse, so my happiness comes directly from daily appreciation of life. (I know, I know, I got a little deep on yall, but just sharing my true thoughts and opinions x)

Crushworthy Uniform:

I feel sexiest in a pair of skinny (preferably distressed) jeans, trainers (sneakers) a white body con tee, bangles and statement earrings!

The outfit you can see is another of my favs, but I wouldn’t usually where this for a casual stroll, but more for a dinner with a friend or a date.


Blouse: Warehouse| Clutch: DIY| Leatherette Leggings: DIY| Shoes: River Island| Earrings: River Island| Bangles+Bracelets: Next + Accessorize |Rings:Various| Photography The Urban Snapper

Her daughter already has her mama’s style!! Rocking her pink pants to perfection!!  xx

Crushworthy Guilty Pleasure:

Working, non-stop, at my desk. If I’m away from the Internet for too long (I don’t use the Internet on my mobile), I get cranky! Ha. Workaholic.com :/

Crushworthy Trip:

Laying on a beach in either Turkey, Miami or LA

Crushworthy Home:

I’m actually embarking on a new project very different from FashionBlogLove.com. I have always had a strong love for interior design, but I guess ever since I dismissed this career move in school, I never really reconsidered it (although it was always my dream career for the future). So I’m now going to be designing furniture and soft furnishings via my new company Neontique.com. The majority of the pieces available will be unloved, vintage furniture being brought back to life! I’m so excited to be starting such a project.

I’ve attached an image of a setting that I one day would like to recreate in my dream home.

And what makes someone Crushworthy to you?

A confident man, who can show affection and be spontaneously romantic, does it for me. I love laughing, so he’s also got to be funny.

2 Responses to Elsina Mensah

  1. Reply Elsina says:

    Thanks for the feature, CrushwortyMoms! I hope the above inspires other moms thinking of setting up their own business one day.


    • Reply Alison says:

      We hope so too, you are a great inspiration and must have A LOT of energy for all of your projects!! Thanks for sharing and being a part of our CrushworthyMoms community!! xx

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