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Marlien Rentmeester, the West Coast Editor of Lucky Magazine and Founder of Le Catch, is a genuine, beautiful person who always had an individual style and was never one to follow trends.  

Gifted with the ability to incorporate hi/lo style picks so effortlessly, she shares her insider knowledge and fabulous style in her blog, Le Catch.  The goal of the site is to find at least one amazing item every day that is so good it would be crazy NOT to buy it.  (How Great Is THAT?? You would be CRAZY not to visit this site on a DAILY basis!!)

Seeing that Marlien is so successful in following her passions, coupled with her willingness to share her secrets with us, she is definitely deserving of our CrushworthyMoms kiss of approval!!  xx

Marlien’s Crushworthy Secrets:  

Crushworthy Makeup  and Hair Secrets:  

MOROCCAN OIL—The one product that will transform my frizzies into just-spent-the-day-at-the-beach waves.

NARS HEAT WAVE—Love the punchy coral shade. Looks great in pictures.

Crushworthy Tips and Tricks:  I run every morning, even just for 30 minutes. It clears my head, channels out stress, and feels good. It’s like a little escape. I also love a good glass of red wine post-work.


Crushworthy Uniform:

Striped Breton long sleeve top

Mulberry Alexa bag (fits everything from sippy cups to snacks to my stuff!)

Helmut Lang black cashmere sweater: goes with everything in my closet and—extra bonus–never looks dirty.

Isabel Marant Dicker boots—chic but practical everyday footwear

Green army jacket by Gap Kids—the ultimate layering piece that works at the playground and at work. (I wear my son’s as well!!)

 Crushworthy Restaurant or Date Night:

GJELINA in Venice Beach. Best. Food. Ever.

Crushworthy Guilty Pleasure:


Crushworthy Trip:

Going home to New York City to see my besties and my family.

Crushworthy Home: 

I love the mix of prints in my office and being surrounded by books, pictures and things that inspire me. It’s my personal oasis.

I also love my bedroom, which has French doors that open up to a balcony overlooking our backyard. During the day, the room is flooded with lots of natural light and at night, the scent of jasmine blossoming in our yard lingers in the air. It’s heaven.

Check out the beautiful feature of Marlien’s home in

Crushworthy Lesson: 

Someone who has oodles of patience and kindness inspires me.

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