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Rochelle Jacobs is the co-creator of June Jacobs Spa Collection, and oversees all aspects of running the global beauty brand.

When we went to visit Rochelle in her midtown office, she had the most inviting smile and fun/vibrant personality we wanted to immediately go out with her every night. Not to mention the fact that Rochelle has the most GORGEOUS skin ever, we were thrilled to get to know all her tips and tricks from this self described beauty junkie.

Heidi Green Photography

Heidi Green Photography

Rochelle’s Crushworthy Secrets:

Crushworthy Makeup  and Hair Secrets:

In theory these should both have real answers, given that I am in the ‘beauty’ industry.  Here’s the truth.  I cannot remember the last item of make-up I purchased.  No joke!  (Maybe ‘shimmering shell’ in high school, yes, that would be the 80’s!).  That’s not to say I don’t wear make-up (at least on occasion).  Laura Geller is my biggest make-up secret – the person and the brand.  Until she got famous, she used to try to teach me by giving me personal make-up application/lessons at her studio on Lexington and 75th.  We then became close friends (about 15 years ago) and I officially have a lifetime supply of her amazing make-up.  However, dark circles are my biggest plague and her ‘wonder wand’ eye brightener is like an eraser for those nasty circles!!  Hair… I have a lot of hair but it is super super fine and there’s just not a lot to do with it.  I leave with it wet every day (since as far back as I can remember) and if I have a meeting or something important, I go to whatever salon is open for a quick blow out.  Boring (and not particularly beauty-like) but true… I don’t use any hair products other than a good shampoo and conditioner – always sulfate-free.

Crushworthy Tips and Tricks: 

Yoga, in my opinion, has changed my life more so than any other non-living ‘thing’ I can think.  In 2008 my close friend Julia Sutton, made me take a class with her and about 10 of our friends at Exhale (where she is the COO).  Most of us were taking yoga for the first time.  Given my competitive nature, I really tried hard and… fell in love.  Since then I go as often as I can and leave incredibly peaceful no matter how tough things are at any given time in my life.   Core Fusion classes and spin classes and a ‘real’ ride around (and around and around) Central Park are also important to my overall lifestyle.  I find I have a lot of energy that is more positively released through exercise than any other alternative.  Sunday nights have become MY night since having children almost 10 years ago.  This is the only time I take care of myself the way I know I should but just don’t have time to.  I usually go to Starbucks before it closes at 10pm and get a 130 degree skim chai latte, which I infrequently even need to ask for anymore.  I then call a few friends to catch-up while rushing home to relax.  I am my own favorite and best facialist.  I do a glycolic acid peel and take a relaxing bath.  Afterwards I put a zillion different creams on every part of my body that has a cream made JUST for it – you name it, I have them all (and for full disclosure, they are all MY companies’ products).  BUT, my ‘secret’ to my close-to-flawless skin (and again, it better be, since this is what I do for a living) is that I sleep in a very thin layer of the June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque, just about every night!!

Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque

Crushworthy Uniform:

Let’s just say that I confess to being fashion-challenged.  I just don’t think about it enough and despite reality, I have ‘a’ style, it is just not ‘stylish’.  And I don’t like to shop.  The good news is I have friends that DO care about my wardrobe (and try their very best to help me – from my ‘sister’ Gretta Monahan who thankfully owns GrettaLuxe in Boston and hand picks outfits she knows I will wear and are always beautiful to my publicist, Alison Brod, who just won’t be seen with me if I dress myself ) I travel (A LOT!) so I like to have a zillion LBD’s – that can work for meetings as well as nights out.  But if I actually had no constrictions on my wardrobe, I can be found in a bright colored print or solid – from hot pink to electric blue – dress.  I always feel confident and happy in bright colors and it seems to make each day just a little brighter .

Crushworthy Restaurant or Date Night:

That’s the thing about NYC – you can do something new and adventurous any night as long as you adore who you are doing it with.  Having said that, I love going to the Darby.  There is something very ‘supper-club’ about it and you are ensured an evening of a decent meal, great entertainment, dancing and when wanted, romance.

Crushworthy Guilty Pleasure:

Too many to list! Every once in a while I get a full mommy day-off (has happened twice) and I love to go to the Peninsula Spa for a full day of beauty and relaxation – head to toe pampering – with a beautiful view of my favorite city.

Crushworthy Trip:

Nothing beats a last minute get-away to find amazing tranquility just a short drive from NYC.  My favorite place has to be Twin Farms – you can toboggan or stay up all night playing Stave puzzles.

Crushworthy Home: 

My bedroom/bed is my favorite place – especially when my kids and cousins come over for family dinners or brunches.  Every morning, one-by-one, the little guys sneak in (after 7am) and cuddle and talk and talk and talk.  I learn a lot about them and their lives outside our home in the mornings.

I also love this picture in the boys playroom – I smile each time I walk by it.  It was the World Series 2010 and we went to Dallas last-minute to see the game.  All of a sudden my blackberry was receiving a zillion emails saying the boys were on TV and my friend Simone took this picture.

Crushworthy Lesson.  What is a lesson you want your kids to learn from you? And what makes someone Crushworthy to you?

I spend half my days wondering if there are things I am doing that I can discuss with them that evening so they can learn (from my mistakes and my success).  The one thing that resonates most with me on top of ALL the obvious things that a parent wants to pass down to their child is ‘kindness’ and ‘feelings’.  Growing up, I had ZERO tolerance for anyone who was unkind to another.  It has always been very upsetting to me to see how someone’s unkindness can so greatly affect the life of another.  I try to point out specific examples of this on a daily basis where I see other’s doing it – or in movies or wherever.  Sensitivity.  Understand people’s differences.  Honor them.  Respect them.  Learn from them.  You will ultimately be rewarded for this!

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