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We had the best time visiting Abby at her New London Pharmacy, what a different experience it was than or normal visit to a Duane Reade or your local CVS.

It was very clear to us that Abby had a love and a passion for what she does and she really cares about her customer’s experience and well being.  She exudes knowledge of beauty and health that is obvious just by looking at her and she only stocks her store with products that she hand picks and believes in.  You know with her you are getting the best of the best.  It brings back the neighborhood feeling that is often lost in a big city.  We are making it a monthly visit to the New London Pharmacy and wish there were more places like this in New York.

Abby’s Crushworthy Makeup and Hair Secrets:

Hair Secrets—for those days that you need to get ready fast I use Rene Furterer dry shampoo.  Cleans hair and gives hair a lot of body.

Louise Galvin shampoo and conditioner..first starting using her stuff when I was pregnant (she has a line for pregnant mother).  Now I use for fine hair….washes and conditions my hair without stripping the color.  LOVE LOVE line is organic, no parabens no sulfates..Used by my whole family..dont want them using any parabens

Hair serum by Aromatherapy Associates—love the smell, gives shine to my hair and hydrates my ends.  I also let my daughter use every night so this way tangle free and shiny hair.











Makeup—My favorite lip gloss is Jana by Suresh its hydrating and stays on.

Foundation by Kevin Aucoin #7—a light foundation with enough coverage that stays on and makes me look beautiful.

Becca’s Boudoir skin mineral powder is perfect for the days I’m off and do things with the kids or errand or the gym.  Gives my face an airbrush, nor imperfection finish.











Crushworthy Tips and Tricks - I Detox four times a year, with every season change, with The Organic Pharmacy Detox capsules and Liver and Kidney Drops.  It’s a 10 day process where I try to eat the best I can, drink enough water and stay away from alcohol.  I’ve been doing this for the past 6 years and I know its working because Im always asked what I do for my skin to look so good.  Its my staple and I suggest to all my customers and friends. (CrushworthyMoms tried the detox and will be reviewing it this week, hint… we will definitely be doing it again!!)











Crushworthy Uniform— I love wearing retro 40’s dress with high heeled booties like Tabitha Simmons.  I love jewelry especially large rings by Belle Etoile.  I am extremely superstitious so I always a big colorful ring during any meetings to draw attention away from me.











Crushworthy Restaurant or Date Night—DaUmberto’s is a staple for Friday nights for me and my husband.  A time for us to share each other, relax and speak without getting interrupted.  Sundays is family day so we all have dinner together at home or out—no excuses! *LOVE THIS!!

Crushworthy Guilty Pleasure—A big breakfast with home fries, eggs, and bacon cooked by my husband for the whole family.  I love the time together with the kids and love the home fries my husband makes.

Crushworthy Trip:  Le Toiny, St Barth, French West Indies..private yet very cosmopolitan..something for everyone.  My kids love the private pool or beach, my husband loves his Ligne St Barth massage and facial, and I love going into town and finding new products.

Crushworthy Kid Product:  Sunscreen—most important for a mom to teach their children.  I love Invisible Zinc from Australia—great product that is safe and it works.

Burts Bees lip balm—safe even when they eat it!

Every parent needs a nosefrida—I always give this as a gift to a new parent. It’s a nasal aspirator that’s safe and effective to remove gook from their noses.

Crushworthy Home—My favorite room is my bedroom..serene and calm and private but it is also the kitchen where most of our entertaining is done and where my kids are most of the time.  Whether its eating, doing homework or having a cup of coffee.  Even at my parties with so many people they all congregate to the kitchen for some reason.











What makes someone Crushworthy to you?  Someone that is ambitious like me and yet balances home, family and her marriage and at the same time look great, feels good and is in the know. LIKE ABBY!!  xx


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