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Last week I went to the newcomer on the fitness block, Body by Simone, to try out the newly hyped up gym and see what it’s all about.  In the past few years, I have become increasingly obsessed with a select few, very select few to be exact, programs and thought I’d give this a try and check it out.

The studio – Located in West Chelsea – 606 West 26th Street – is very urban, clean and surprisingly spacious.  There are showers, a dressing room and little sitting area that’s nice while waiting.  There are two studios for classes and both seem to have ample space as the classes are yet to fill up – but rest assured ladies, swimsuit season is upon us so I’d book your classes now.


The classes – I took the Hips, Thighs and Butt class as well as the Dance Cardio, they were engaging, challenging and judging by the sweat scale, a very solid workout.  The mat class which concentrates on your legs and butt is fantastic and as I know from experience, these moves can make the difference and give you the cutest bum you’ll ever see!  The Dance Cardio was a mix between exactly that, dance cardio, with arms and abs.  It’s a wonderful all around workout and really covers a lot in the hour long class.  Rachel was the instructor and she was Australian, energetic and very sweet!

The hanging art in the studio is Simone.  After seeing her body, you’ll likely try and stay for the rest of the entire day and not run out to get a cheeseburger.  Her body is absolutely insane and I can’t wait to take her class this weekend –

So do yourself a favor and book a class before they fill up!

*Tid bit of information, our CrushworthyMom Jennifer Fisher recommended BBS to us and she looks insane, enough said…

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  1. Reply Gillian says:

    Just released a review on this – totally agree with you on almost all counts! Except you took way better candids of the space, haha. Would love to see your review of Rachel on RYB! Here’s the link to the BBS profile:

    Found your site when we were cruising for other BBS reviews to link to, and am now wasting an inordinate amount of time paging through. Thanks for adding to my procrastination issues…

    What are the other “select few” places you’re obsessed with?

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