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Kristen James is the CEO & Founder of Kristen James Fitness, LLC, a company that’s focused on the client’s physical, mental, and overall wellness.

She is the creator of CYCLEology, her signature cycling class where clients learn how to achieve maximum benefits through executing scientifically proven training principles and techniques. A master teacher in the field of fitness and wellness, she has transformed, motivated and inspired thousands over the past 20 years with her results oriented training approach.

She is currently the Area Fitness Manager for the NY Metro Area for Equinox Fitness Clubs where she is considered one of the most sought after cycling instructors.  Kristen has created an original program called “The 50 Shapes Workout”, a sleek, seamless routine that incorporates specific movements that will enhance your sexual life, stamina and health. Celebrating women of all shapes and sizes, this original program is guaranteed to be the next big trend in fitness as it stands for Empowerment, Strength and Sexuality.  A CrushworthyMom’s workout if there ever was one!!

Kristen’s Crushworthy Secrets:

Crushworthy Makeup and Hair Secrets:

My favorite moisturizer is Peter Thomas Roth Illuminating & Brightening moisturizer. It has a subtle tint to it and makes your skin glow. I wear it alone during my workouts – it makes my skin glow. I LOVE my clairsonic! Since I sweat everyday (and sometimes its outdoors with the elements) I need to get a deep cleaning, but something thats not too harsh everyday. This has changed my skin! My hair secret actually has to do with my skin – ladies, keep it off of your face while you’re working out! Pull it back, cl;ip it up or wear it in a hat, but domt let it touch your face. its filled with chemicals from your products and pollutants from the air that clog your pores and lead to major breakouts. That was one of the best secrets my facialist ever told me.

Crushworthy Tips and Tricks: 

I ALWAYS cary a high energy protein bar in my bag. You can find one in my gym bag or purse, but I NEVER leave home without one! After a workout it will boost your blood sugar back up or during the day when your running around with the kids, it will cure a cranky mood almost immediately! I love Nutrilite bars. The have the best tasting flavors and come in mini bars or larger bars which could replace a meal.

Crushworthy Uniform:

Being a lululemon ambassador Ive got the luxury of having their products as soon as they come out! You can always find something from lulu on my body. Their workout wear is a must for me (cropped pants and a long tank), but their bras are on me even under a sweater or tshirt. When I’m not in lulu you’ll find me in my “uniform” of jeans and a black or white tshirt, and always a watch since my life revolves around the clock. If its not my decadent indulgence of my Rolex, its my favorite Adidas workout watches. They’re about $50 and come in a huge variety of colors. I love my pink one, it brightens up any workout outfit!

Crushworthy Restaurant or Date Night:

My favorite date night is a great restaurant and a glass of wine. Since I don’t like to eat large quantities of food, I’m crushing on a restaurant called Maroni’s. It’s hidden in Northport on Long Island and I guarantee its the most unique dining experience you’ve ever had. The portions are tiny (just the way I like them) but oh-so many of them!

There’s no menu (which I love since I hate to make decisions on date night) the food just keeps coming out as you enjoy the wine! Its heaven!

Crushworthy Guilty Pleasure:

My guilty pleasure is by far is pizza! If I had to choose a last meal, thats what it would be. So easy, so inexpensive, so simple, I know! But thats my favorite! I love it thin crusted with a ton of toppings like eggplant and mushroom. I’m always in the mood for it! I think I could eat a whole pie!

Crushworthy Kid Product:

Antibacterial hand wipes! I’ve got them all over! In my car, in my gym bag, in my purse, in the kids lunch boxes and back pacs! Kids touch everything. Then they either put their fingers in their mouth or eyes or eat something. When my kids (now 9 & 12) were babies my friends used to ask me if I was going to use Clorox clean up wipes on them!!! Needless to say, I didn’t but I really would have liked to!! Since they’ve grown up with the habit of making sure their hands are clean, I don’t even have to ask them to use them. They look for them on their own!

Crushworthy Home:

My favorite place by far in my home is my bed. Its pure white from sheets to pillows to blanket, and has the most amazing mattress. Since I’m on my feet either teaching, training, speaking or at one of my kids games, I long through the day to be horizontal! Everyday is busy. Everyday is loud and filled with excitement and sometimes frenzy. Knowing all day long that around 10pm, my mind is going to be so still and my body so peaceful actually gives me the energy to embrace the craziness thru the day!

And what makes someone Crushworthy to you?

I have so many crushworthy people in my life. I thnk of them as my mentors, my role models and my power women. They are especially crushworthy to me because they have a sense of who they are, an ability to inspire others, and the desire to not be better than everyone else, but the the best they can be!

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