Tessa Metcalfe Ring

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With the perfect mix of eerie and whimsical beauty Tessa Metcalfe‘s jewelry has us hooked!

London jewelry designer blends her fascination with pigeons and mythical legends into a piece of jewelry to share with us. How awesome is this pigeon claw? Can’t help but love it!!

“The 2012 Homage collection celebrates ‘finding beauty in the gutter’. Inspired by the city of London, the foot of a pigeon is transformed into a beautiful talisman of ‘fine art jewellery’. Tessa’s hand applied gold plated nails create a bold and playful take on her claw designs.”

Tessa says “The biggest epiphanies in my life came during the stories of Leda and the Swan as well as Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling. I believe in both myths and legends and combine the two creating a little dream to carry with you.”


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