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Valentina Kenney Wein has always had a passion for food and after years of cooking for her vegetarian husband, gluten-free son, and trying to satisfy her own sophisticated palette,

Valentina realized she had accumulated a library of recipes which she wanted to share.

Hence Cooking on the Weekends  was born.   A go to resource for recipes that range from a ten minute salad to a three hour roast all the while keeping it simple enough for anyone to prepare.  She is a multi tasker in the kitchen which every CrushworthyMom can appreciate.


Valentina’s Crushworthy Secrets:


Crushworthy Makeup  and Hair Secrets:  

Brazilian Blow Out – every 6 months.  


Crushworthy Tips and Tricks:  

I push myself out the door at least three times a week to trail run.  Never more than 30 minutes, never less than 20.  The key is getting it in before making breakfast, packing lunches, and getting my boys to school.  If it doesn’t happen then, it might not happen at all.


Crushworthy Restaurant or Date Night: 

Sushi, a movie, and my husband!


Crushworthy Guilty Pleasure:  

In no particular order, and never all at once: reality TV, Mani Pedi with a shoulder massage the entire time, and eating Biscoff Spread out of the jar.  


Crushworthy Trip:  

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, CA.  Best. Place. Ever!


Crushworthy Home:

The kitchen is my retreat.  I love it there.  No matter what’s going on in the house, the kitchen is pretty peaceful. It’s a happy place where I’m comfortable. On any Saturday or Sunday, I’m testing recipes, photographing food, cooking and planning meals.  I retreat to my cozy kitchen where I can still hear all of the hullabaloo . . . and where I can cook.




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