Navah Paskowitz

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     Navah Paskowitz is the only daughter of the First Family of surfing, who are the subject of the 2007 documentary, “Surfwise” and began the world’s first instructional surf camp.  As the mother of a son with Autism, Navah brought her two loves together when she founded the Surf Therapy RX program along with her dad Dr. Dorian Paskowitz.
     SURF THERAPY Rx’s Surf Clinic program is the ONLY treatment program of its kind worldwide designed specifically for extraordinary individuals with special needs. Every participant gets the opportunity to make new friends, practice social skills, learn stress management techniques, increase gross motor skills, improve executive functioning skills, muscle tone, and spatial awareness…all while having fun surfing in a non-competitive environment.
     We are crushing on Navah for using her skills to help her son as well as providing a safe place for all children to enjoy the wonderful world of surfing.
Crushworthy Makeup  and Hair Secrets:
I wear very little makeup! Maybe a little mascara and a dot of concealer my hair is another story! Its so long I have to keep it extra conditioned from all the clorine and salt water my absolutely FAV product is the LOVE hair mask by Davines.
Crushworthy Tips and Tricks:
Surfing is my beauty tip. I feel SO much better afterward
also Im Gluten free and Pescaterian-I try to eat healthy but every once in a while I like a little CHOCOLATE!!

Crushworthy Uniform: JEANS!! my favs are CURRENT ELLIOTT
a boho hippie blouse or tunic, a sarong (pareau) Havianas!!

Crushworthy Restaurant or Date Night:
Date? whats that??

Crushworthy Guilty Pleasure:
a stack of trashy mags and laying in the sun….anywhere!! Our kind of girl!! xx

Crushworthy Trip: Hawaii… my favorite spot on earth!!

Crushworthy Kid Product:I LOOOVE aquaphor..use it myself on all the kids, especially my oldest sons eczema..its an amazing product!

Crushworthy Home: My giant bed (our king, attached to Edwins twin!!)

And what makes someone Crushworthy to you?
Confidence, joy in ones kids, and sense of humor is number one!!

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  1. Reply Jessica Gottlieb says:

    I love this! Of course Navah is crushworthy.

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