Amy Koslowsky

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Amy Koslowsky has been practicing physical therapy for 15 years specializing in breast cancer rehab, women’s health and orthopedics.  Amy combines combines her skills in manual therapy, exercise techniques, yoga therapeutics, and patient education to help her patients reach their goals and meet their full potential.

Amy integrates the powerful mind/body connection into her treatment approach.   She is passionate about her work with women with breast cancer and is honored to be part of their transformation.   By participating in holistic education, and updating her knowledge of healing the body, Amy is dedicated to honing her treatment skills.  She is trained in the hands on work of the John F Barnes Myofascial and Craniosacral Release Technique and recently became certified in Su Jok Therapy.   Su Jok therapy, developed in India, is a treatment that involves stimulating specific points on the hands and feet which have specific correspondence to areas in the body.  The aim is to balance the flow of energy in the body.

Amy’s personal interests in wellness, nutrition, dance, yoga and movement motivate and inspire her work as a physical therapist.

In recognition of breast cancer awareness month Flow Physical Therapy, P.C. and Yoga are hosting weekly lectures in their New York City office.  If you are someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer than email them for more information:

Talking with Amy about her work and hearing how she is just so joyful and passionate about helping women deal with cancer was very inspiring to me.  Breast Cancer has affected the women in my life and I know first hand how emotionally and physically challenging it is to go through a mastectomy let alone fighting the cancer that follows.  Amy provides a safe and warm environment to help guide you through this challenge and I only wish I had met her sooner.  She truly exemplifies what a CrushworthyMom is and I am so happy to support the work she is doing.  xx


Amy’s Crushworthy Secrets  

Crushworthy Makeup  and Hair Secrets:

My favorite makeup product is a Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier pencil in Ava to line the upper and lower lid  of my eyes with Yves Saint Laurent colored mascara in plum. It gives the eyes a little pop and .. hair getting out of the shower putting wet hair in a loose side braid to make hair dry with a little bit of a wave.

Crushworthy Tips and Tricks:

Be in the moment, listen to music and move every day.

Crushworthy Uniform:

My Earnest Sewn Blue Jeans

My Palmalleto connecting Stacking Ring

Chocolate Brown Motorcycle Jacket

A little cami from Solomay

Any heel in my closet


Crushworthy Restaurant or Date Night:

Miss Lily’s West Houston Street

Crushworthy Guilty Pleasure:

A trip to the eyebrow studio at BARNEYS with Robert Sweet Williams

Crushworthy Kid Product:

Magna tiles are the best. They keep my children occupied for hours..

Crushworthy Home: Soaking in my bath tub

And what makes someone Crushworthy to you?

Authenticity, Drive, Someone that knows how to have a good time

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