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We found Susy Salvo Glick to be one interesting woman, having learned that she was trained as a criminal minds investigator, prior to her career now as a restauranteur was mind blowing. She is somebody that you would want to be seated next to at a dinner party, so much fun and so interesting.  Her attention to detail is what makes Parlor such a success, from the lighting to the seating to the menu.  Parlor is not an over imposing bar scene, it is a place where a family can intermix seamlessly with a vibrant crowd.  The flow and engaging environment is clearly a reflection of Susy herself.  Susy has the innate ability to make everyone around her feel like a VIP and that is just one of the reasons we find her to be so Crushworthy…

Susy’s Crushworthy Secrets

Crushworthy Skin/Makeup

Clarins Restorative Eye Cream is a must!

NARS Cream Highlighter in Copacabana- This is my all around staple.  I use it whether I am out on the town to give me a defined, contoured look or when I’m just running out without much makeup to highlight my natural cheekbones. It gives the perfect amount of sheen in the right areas.

Crushworthy Hair

Morrocan Oil is fabulous for so many types of hair. I use it when my hair is damp to keep it smooth and manageable and it is also a super cuticle protector when my hair is dry.

Hair Tip- I NEVER wash my hair every day.  I try to go 2-3 days without washing as not to strip my natural oils.  I am lucky not to have over oily hair so, sometimes, if there is an event or occasion, I may have to wash it earlier than planned, but for the most part, it is a big NO NO for me.  I have always had a mane full of lustrous hair so I think this tip actually works!

Crushworthy Tip

Upon waking, I drink a cup of Hot water with fresh lemon squeezed into it. It is a natural detoxifier and helps to cleanse the system and give you a kick start!  This is probably my favorite tip since it is 100% attainable for everyone and it works!

Crushworthy Uniform

When I am working at the restaurant, I wear A LOT of black and white.  I would say a work staple would be my white Anne Fontaine bow blouse (layered over either a black or white Anne Fontaine camisole) with my black Moschino skinny trouser and black Gucci pumps.

In my leisure, I wear a lot of jeans so I would say a staple outfit would be my black rag and bone skinny jeans with a black theory tank top under a Joie soft off the shoulder blousey, light sweater that I can wear with boots, heels, sneakers or even flip flops, depending upon the environment.

Crushworthy Restaurant

I have to say that my and my husband’s restaurant PARLOR STEAKHOUSE is pretty Fabulous (I am not biased or anything).  Our chef (Lucas Billheimer) is extremely talented and a pleasure to be around.  The food is delicious and both the service and hospitality are top notch.  The space is perfect for a date night or a group dinner with friends.  As far as other restaurants, I recently dined at Catch and it was pretty great. The food was yummy and the place is definitely a scene but it is really beautiful as well.

Guilty Pleasure

It might have to be the cheeseburger at Parlor.  It has the perfect burger to bun ratio and it is just delicious!

Crushworthy Trip

It would have to be our honeymoon.  We started out at the Four Seasons in Kona Hawaii, which may have been one of the highest standards of service that we have experienced domestically. From there we went to the Four Seasons in Maui and then capped our trip off in Napa at Auberge Du Soleil, which was Fabulous with a capital F!  AMAZING!  I guess the restaurant French Laundry in Napa would have to take over as the Crushworthy date night because it was an incredible experience.

Crushworthy Kid Product

All of the Mustela Bath/Body Products are wonderful.  They make travel face wipes that I take everywhere with me.

Also, Tiny Bites baby food shears with the plastic blade cover.  I use these CONSTANTLY.  I am sort of crazy when it comes to cutting my babies’ food into small bite size pieces (kind of petrified of choking) so these are a must have for the diaper bag (I have a totally Crushworthy NEST black studded leather diaper bag that can hold all the necessities and more).

Crushworthy Home

I am very proud of my oldest son Samson’s room.  When I was pregnant, we wanted to make Sammy’s transition into his new room as painless as possible.  We created a super fun, whimsical place for him to fall in love with and in which to feel comfortable.   We wanted him to know how special he is to us.  I guess the reason I am most proud is that we painted the stripes ourselves, which was an intricate process.  They came out exactly like I had pictured them in my head.  The magnetic chalkboard wall is one of his favorite areas in the house.  He loves to draw on it with me. The furniture is from Duc Duc NYC.  I fell in love with this collection when I saw it and it is even more beautiful than I remembered.

I also love my entrance furniture piece.  It is a Horchow mirrored console/buffet table paired with an antique Venetian mirror that once belonged to Michael’s grandmother who has passed on.  It is not only a beautiful addition but it has so much sentimental value.  We just love it!

A Crushworthy person definitely has humility balanced by inner confidence.  Someone who besides being humble, is not afraid to go after what they want and speak his/her mind.  I find compassion to be extremely Crushworthy.  There is so much Chaos in this world that the inner peace of a kind and loving person really stands out.

On the outside, I really Crush on women with amazing skin.  I find it breathtaking when I see women getting up in their years with taught, radiant skin.  I know genetics have a lot to do with their preservation, however, I love that they all have their own secrets and regiments that work for them that they may or may not be willing to share… ;-)

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