Beauty for Breast Cancer

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Sonia Kashuk is officially Crushworthy!  The breast cancer survivor and expert make-up artist  knows what the power of makeup and looking good does for a woman’s confidence.   Because of her personal victory over cancer, she has made it her mission to empower women while donating to a cause close to her heart.

Kashuk has partnered with Target stores to create the Proudly Pink Five Piece Brush Set, a pink hair make-up brush kit set adorned with the breast cancer pink ribbon just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  She will donate 15% of the $14.99 purchase price to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Kashuk’s resilience may be the result of the great example she had of how to beat the disease.  Her mother was diagnosed with cancer at age 51, but is alive and well today at 81-years-old.  Because of her mother’s history, Kashuk knew that the chance that she would develop the disease was more than likely.   Seemingly, it was from her mother’s example that she learned, firsthand, the attitude it took to beat a disease which kills millions each year.

Breast cancer survivors and make-up enthusiasts alike,  have something in common now.   One one level, Sonia Kashuk is providing quality tools for make-up enthusiasts.  On a much higher level, she is saving lives.


~Kim Green, CrushworthyMoms Contributor




2 Responses to Beauty for Breast Cancer

  1. Reply Monica J says:

    Wow, what a story. Well, I think it’s awesome that she’s participating in Breast Cancer Awareness through the sales of her Proudly Pink Five Piece Brush Set. The brush set is so cool. I’d definitely buy it. Nice!

  2. Reply CrushworthyMoms says:


    Thank you for your comment!! We love Sonia and her support of Breast Cancer Awareness!!



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