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We are crushing on Jennifer Lau and her line of jewelry, Genevieve Lau.  Not only are they perfect for a CrushworthyMom’s everyday uniform, Jennifer donates 10% of every purchase to charity.  Our CrushworthyMoms Subscribers get 20% off for the next two weeks.  So sign up for our newsletter and visit Genevieve Lau’s website and we guarantee you find her jewelry Crushworthy too!!  xx

How did you begin your jewelry line?

I started designing my jewelry line this past summer after becoming frustrated that I couldn’t find fine jewelry for my clients (I am also a stylist) at an affordable price point. I feel that for so many years it has been about messy, chunky jewelry layering and I wanted to bring it back to pretty jewelry with an edge and make it an affordable luxury. My kids were all at the same camp in the mornings for 4 weeks last summer and I felt like I had so much free time! I used every second of it! I used to be a Wall. St . salestrader so I am very efficient with my time!

Jennifer’s Crushworthy Secrets:

Crushworthy Makeup  and Hair Secrets:

Because I have very little free time I like to keep it quick and simple for skin and hair.. I’ve used cetaphil forever and now swear by Caudalie moisturizer from Paris which has everything you need in a cream packed in to one bottle. No layering of creams! I love Nioxin shampoo which makes your hair tingle and gives you thick locks! Hair secret..wash hair and after combing put it in a loose bun and take it out when almost dry and get great waves! I live for Chanel makeup! I used to use lots of different lines, but now only Chanel..

Crushworthy Tips and Tricks:

People think I’m crazy that I don’t drink any caffeine and have so much energy. ( I always say just clear drinks for me.. water by day, vodka by night!). I run almost every day to clear my head and get those natural endorphins flowing (ran the NYC marathon a couple of years ago) and I do swear by my green juice and occasional wheatgrass shots!

Crushworthy Uniform:

My Genevieve Lau stick necklace (the Los Angeles necklace) (on short chain or long. Can interchange them) I love mine in rose gold. It is such a pretty piece, but has an edge to it which is how I define my style. Pretty, but edgy.

AG premiere jeans.. I have long legs and jeans are always too short..these have a 33 inch inseam which fit me perfectly. The perfect skinny straight. I’m such a jeans girls day and night.

My Christian Louboutin black patent simple pumps. These take every outfit to the next level. The slight platform make them so comfortable too.

My Stella McCartney black blazer- timeless, fitted, cool.

Blouse- I live in blouses day and night.. Stella McCartney, Tucker, Theysken’s Theory, Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant.

Crushworthy Restaurant or Date Night:

My husband Steve and I love going out together. Since we have had kids we have this great strategy.. We don’t have a nanny and feel like we need help with cleaning not with the kids… so we get a housekeeper to come  in the evening and we put our 5 kids to bed and when they are asleep we go out for a late dinner and drinks. The kids are sleeping, a housekeeper is cleaning and keeping an eye on them and we get quality time together. We do this 2-3 times a week and look forward to every night we go out together! Last night we went to dinner at 10 and always feel like it keeps us young and makes us feel oh so European!

Crushworthy Guilty Pleasure:

Online shopping. I’m so lucky that I have a job where I can shop for other people. I love every minute of it! Of course, I shop for myself online too!

Reading.. tons of fashion magazines and books. I obsessively read a book staying up way too late at night trying to finish it!

Crushworthy Trip:

Nevis and Miami- Nevis was a dream for a family getaway. It is such a magical place with the beautiful beaches and mountains in the background. And the monkeys! !!

My kids and my husband and I love Miami. We sneak away there any chance we can get! My youngest son , Charlie, used to think the hotel there was our “other house” because we went so often!!

Crushworthy Kid Product:

Crewcuts and H&M kids. Love their clothes!

Crushworthy Home: 

One of my favorite spaces in our house is the playroom and also where kids are jumping in the photo. It is such a happy, fun room that we live in with 5 kids! also, love our chandelier in the dining room and the yellow table (it is a central room in our house so you can see it from any place you are downstairs).

photo by Laura Moss

Photo by Laura Moss

And what makes someone Crushworthy to you?

I am a huge believer in giving back. Actually 10% of my profits from Genevieve Lau always go back to charities. To me someone is crushworthy when they give what little free time that they have to help others. A good friend of mine just helped  me plan an event to raise money for childhood cancer. We planned it in 2 weeks (she has 4 kids, I have 5) and I was just coming off another big charity event I was vice-chairing. We raised $18,000 and counting in a couple of weeks! A crushworthy person can juggle it all.. kids, business or interests and give back.. and make it look easy!

“I’ve met the most phenomenal, interesting and diverse people through my volunteer work.”

To check out a terrific article on Jennifer visit Connecticut Cottages & Gardens February 2012 issue.  All photos by Laura Moss.

Cover banner photo by Debra Somerville

photo by Laura Moss

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