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Aluminum. Parabens. Silica.  These are not materials available at the local Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement, but rather threeof the most common ingredients found in deodorants.  Why is this a concern?  Scientist have made a probable link between the ingredients in deodorant and an increase in estrogen, the same hormone responsible for increasing breast tissue.  As we all know, cancer is an overgrowth of tissue which becomes cancerous.  With information like this at hand, it’s easy to imagine a woman’s concerns.

Crushworthymoms to the rescue!  We consulted New London Pharmacy ( for their recommendations and added a few of our own picks.

1.  Tom’s of Maine

Tom's of Maine Men's Long Lasting Stick Deodorant, Maine Woodspice

Hailing from the same state known for its fresh lobster, comes Tom’s of Maine.  This deodorant uses hops to prevent bacterial growth which eliminates odor.

2.   Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant  



Arm and Hammer Essentials Deodorant uses tried and true baking soda.  We know it’s the essential ingredient in all Arm and Hammer products, but who knew it could keep you fresh and clean too!


3.  Nature’s Gate

 Witch hazel, oak gal and some other botanicals are the secrets to this deodorant.  There’s no need to pronounce the names of any compound on the periodic table to use this product.

4.  Nuxe Men’s Deodorant 


Let’s not forget that men can get breast cancer too.   Nuxe Men’s Deodorant is our pick to keep men dry, fresh and safe from cancer-causing agents found in some other anti-perspirants.

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