I am Alison Powers. And I feel gorgeous and alive.

10 years ago, I discovered that I had the BRCA gene – a defective gene that increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

I felt scared, sorry for myself, fearful that my femininity would be lost forever.  

And then something happened that made me realize that my femininity ran deeper than my physical appearance. Deeper than just my body parts.

Ayurvedic wellness.

While I respected and appreciated my western doctors, when I discovered the art and science of Ayurveda through Dr. Naina Marballi – it spoke to my inner feminine drive.

Ayurveda calls on your own, unique chemistry to relish the core of who you are.

It made so much sense to me. I delved into this world – and recovered my femininity more strongly than ever.

My belief and experience  was so powerful, that my desire to help other women do exactly the same became my calling.

Now it is your turn.

Today, I am a certified Ayurvedic wellness practitioner – and I have developed my programs so I can help you tap into the same inner fierceness and love that I have devoted to myself.

My goal is to get you in touch with and nurturing your unique feminine power, until it is as much a part of you as your heart, your brains, your legs, your arms, your spirit, your soul.

Your beauty goes far deeper than your appearance – and it deserves to be honored every day.

You don’t need to experience a medical shock like I did to hear that call – you just need to give yourself permission to live the life you truly desire.

As your best version of you.

To be the Darling of your own Alchemy.  And to live a deeply nourished life.


We will work together to come up with a customized lifestyle plan for you:

AUTHENTIC BALANCE  | We will first determine your unique constitution (your dosha) and what imbalances you are experiencing.  Anything less than vibrant, energetic, and healthy living is imbalanced and that is really just unacceptable (Digestive Issues, Fatigue, Anxiety, Irritability, Hormonal Imbalance, Skin Conditions BE GONE…).  Ayurveda is an instruction manual of simple tools for a balanced and harmonious way of life.  My goal for our time together is for you to become your own best healer.


DIET & LIFESTYLE PLANS | Ayurvedic cooking is quick and simple.  At least that is the cooking I do.  I will introduce you to herbs, recipes and a simple way to plan your meals so that your mind & body will be completely nourished.    We will also create daily spiritual rituals to nourish your soul.  You will leave our time together with a customized instruction manual of how to live a life of nourishment & self-love.


MEDITATION  | My life became better the moment I made my meditation practice a daily ritual.  It is a teachable and beautiful practice, I promise.  I assign a personal mantra that you will use for your life long practice.  I also teach a loving-kindness meditation for teens & the adults who love them.