CrushworthyMoms is a site to showcase moms who we find to be both inspiring and attractive in the way they live their lives.   To earn the status of crushworthiness, one must be interested and excited about life and what they are pursuing.  A mom is crushworthy when she appreciates herself and puts in a little effort to show that.

CWM wants our reader to feel inspired and empowered that they too can live their life passionately and not apologize for putting themselves high on their priority list.

So put on that cute dress even if your are just going to school pickup and take that class you have always been curious about.  Talk to your girlfriends about your ideas and just maybe begin something new.  Start something.  Today.

What we envy is what we want to create in our life.   Having a mom crush is just an insight into what you want to be more of.  It is okay to want more as long as you are willing to do something about it.

Also join me as I tour New York City one neighborhood at a time over at NewYork.com and become part of our community by attending one of our writing workshops.



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