Lisa Sugar

Lisa Sugar, POPSUGAR Founder and Editor in Chief Read more

Darcy Le Fleming

Darcy Le Fleming is the mother of the very adorable Nadia as well as the owner of My Brooklyn Baby.  My Brooklyn Baby is located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and is a neighborhood store that you will want to hang in all day. Read more

Diane Bates

Diane Bates, Blue Sky CommunicationsTell us about your Crushworthy Family: Read more

Jennifer Weisman

Jennifer Weisman is the mother of twin boys and she became frustrated when searching for cool surfer boardshorts that there were no options that fit growing boys well.  So she created them herself!    Read more

Lisa Greenwald

The idea for Chewbeads began in 2009 shortly after the birth of Lisa Greenwald’s son. Like most babies, he loved to put everything in his mouth and her necklaces were a favorite. Read more

Kristin Spear

No matter your faith, you will find the most crushworthy gift at Jboutiq, A Marketplace for Modern Faith.  We are crushing on the site and the creator, Kristin Spear.

Read more

Rebecca Campora

From Paris, France now living in NYC with her family.

Designed for fashion-forward parents and children, Rebecca Campora founded 7 A.M. Enfant, the premier outwear accessory line for families. Read more

Marnie Legrand

When you meet Marnie Legrand, it doesn’t take long before you realize she really is a CrushworthyMom who does it all.

As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two gorgeous girls, Marnie has an abundance of blessings but not a lot of time.  Her secret to keeping it all together?   Read more

Rosie Pope

Rosie Pope
, America’s most trusted guru for all things pregnancy and baby. Read more

Elaine Turner

Spend any time with luxury accessories designer Elaine Turner and you start to notice a few things. Whether on a bag or on a wall, there’s always an element of cheetah print or bright pops of her signature color pink around. Read more

Grace Welch

“People ask me what I do, and the first thing I tell them is I’m a mom,” says Grace Welch. “But my business is Patemm.” Patemm is the brand name for Grace’s brilliant round diaper pad that makes—as the company’s slogan attests—changes easier. Read more

Taly Russell

Imagine that you’ve hit the apex of your career. You’re a success. So what’s your next move? Well, if you’re Taly Russell, you leave your job, start over again, and do it better. Read more

Lesa Wright McHale

Lesa Wright McHale boils down the whole family/work/mom conundrum pretty simply. “It’s about striking a balance for what works for you,” Read more

Melisa Fluhr

One single photograph changed everything for Melisa Fluhr. Five years ago, Melisa was just a mom who also had a real flair for interior design. When she decorated her first son’s nursery, she did it with both love and a unique style. Read more

Jennie Finch

We can understand why Jennie Finch doesn’t like labels—a truckload of them could be pinned to her. She’s a two-time Olympic medalist for softball, television sports commentator, author of Throws Like a Girl, Read more

Laura Geller

Laura Geller is one of New York’s most talented make-up artists, (you might recognize her from QVC, NBC, CBS and HBO) but not only can she apply a fabulous face of make up…she also creates it.

Read more

Martha Raoli

Martha Raoli is an artist and mother whose first solo exhibition, Text Machine, of mixed media runs from March 9 to 21 at the Galerie Protégé. Read more

Pippa Vosper

Pippa Vosper is a firm believer that pregnancy should never stop a woman from looking chic and fashionable. She speaks from experience. When Pippa, a fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar in the UK, became pregnant in 2012, Read more

Julia Sutton

Julia Sutton knows about finding balance—not only between mind and body but also between work and home. She is a wife, mother, and chief operating officer of exhale (yes, lowercase “e,” that’s just how chill this combined spa and fitness center is). Read more

Gaby Basora

One blouse started it all. Gaby Basora’s clothing line, Tucker, was born when Gaby made a silk top for herself because she couldn’t find any clothes she liked. Friends would ask her to make them one, Read more

Joanna Vargas

Sometimes a visit to a day spa can be a bit intimidating. After all, your face is striped naked in all its blemished glory. But what if the woman who gave you a facial were a fellow mom who had a gentle touch, a calming manner, and a best friend vibe? Read more

Cindy Barshop

Cindy Barshop is the first to admit that having it all is hard work. And she should know. She does have it all, and she does work hard.

Cindy is the founder of Completely Bare spas, one of the first mini-spas in New York to offer high-tech treatment in hair removal. She recently launched nationwide retail distribution of her company’s products. Read more

Janine Breukhoven-Kho

It’s beginning to look like a global initiative for 2013. First, Crushworthy Moms were spotted in New York (us, of course). Next, sightings were reported in London. And now they are cropping up in Amsterdam. Read more

Latham Thomas

Latham Thomas is a maternity maven. Her book, Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy, instructs expectant moms on how to take a holistic approach to this new chapter in life. Read more

Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk’s partnership with Target has made top-quality cosmetics available to all women. Even though her name is now usually followed with an ® symbol, Sonia is as vibrant Read more

Gretta Monahan

Gretta Monahan, the style guru on The Rachael Ray Show, is one of the country’s most recognized fashion and beauty experts. Her natural talents and flair have lead her to createa personal empire Read more

Samantha Ettus

Samantha Ettus is a bestselling author, media personality and speaker, passionate about helping working moms design a happy and successful lifestyle. She hosts a syndicated radio show Read more

Jennifer Fisher

When Jennifer had her first son, Shane, she wanted a piece of jewelry to celebrate her rock star son and couldn’t find anything cool enough. So what did this CrushworthyMom do?

Read more

Navah Paskowitz

     Navah Paskowitz is the only daughter of the First Family of surfing, who are the subject of the 2007 documentary, “Surfwise” and began the world’s first instructional surf camp.  As the mother of a son with Autism, Navah brought her two loves Read more

Marlien Rentmeester

Marlien Rentmeester, the West Coast Editor of Lucky Magazine and Founder of Le Catch, is a genuine, beautiful person who always had an individual style and was never one to follow trends.  

Read more

Logan Levkoff

Logan Levkoff is dedicated to perpetuating healthy and positive messages about sexuality and we believe that she is the perfect person to do this.  Upon meeting her, Read more

Rochelle Jacobs

Rochelle Jacobs is the co-creator of June Jacobs Spa Collection, and oversees all aspects of running the global beauty brand.

Read more

Mathilde Thomas

Mathilde Thomas is the founder of one of our favorite beauty brands, Caudalie.  When I met Mathilde at the Caudalie Vinosource Event, I was struck by how down to earth she was while being so incredibly

Read more

Julie Deane

Julie Deane wanted to raise money to move her then six-year-old daughter from a school where she was being bullied into a school where she would thrive and be happy,

Read more

Stephanie Hirsch

Stephanie Hirsch is a true at heart entrepreneur who is constantly reinventing herself.  Stephanie had her first solo show at The Lyons Wier Gallery Project
Space in November 2011. Her work was chosen by Mercedes Benz Read more

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