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Glowing Green Smoothie

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I have been drinking Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie for awhile now and I love the results.  I can feel the difference between the days that I drink one and the days that I do not.  I have a ton more energy and a greater sense of well being on the days I do, plus my skin looks super glowy!!!  Very crushworthy!!  I have a slightly different way of making mine and include ingredients that make the process that much easier.

Glowing Green Smoothie a la Alison:

-a few handfuls of a pre-packaged macro greens or kale or spinach

-romaine lettuce (if you have)

-pre-cut apples

-a pear (if you have)

-a half of lemon

-fill it up with water (use more than you will think you will need, a tip from our CrushworthyMom Lela!)

After blended add:

-a frozen banana and Blend Well *Crushworthy Tip: Peel and Freeze your bananas!!

Enjoy!!!  Seriously, it is good!!  xx



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