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We Love New London Pharmacy

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We asked Fouzia Arrese,  New London Pharmacy’s Nutritional Advisor, what a healthy 40-year-old woman should be taking to maintain optimal health and of course good looks!!  She recommended that we should be taking a multivitamin, fish oil ,calcuim with vitamin D, and a detox every 3 months to maintain the body .
For the fish oils,she likes Nordic Natural brand and Metagenics brand because they are free from heavy metal and dioxins.  Also, they are easy to digest.
She recommends the Organic Pharmacy detox every 3 months.  We tried the detox over Spring Break and it made us feel a little nauseous for the first few days and we weren’t  sure about the benefits of this.  We are always a bit skeptical with things but we trusted Abby and Fouzia and soldiered on.  We tried to eat healthy and avoid alcohol (for the most part) and I can tell you that the results were amazing.  We feel lighter and our skin is crystal clear.  We will definitely try to do this every season and at the very least twice a year.  My husband is jealous because of how good I look and feel and wants to try this as well!!
Abby recommended the brand Innate  for our MultiVitamin.   The formula was designed to promote a woman’s overall health and vitality, while gently balancing the natural rhythms of the reproductive cycle.  We couldn’t be happier with these vitamins and take the under 40 for now because you only need to take 3 a day as opposed to 6 a day with the over 40.  We are rushing back to New London Pharmacy today to stock up!


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